Peoria Illinois Bakery

Peoria Illinois’ Premier Bakery! Founded in 2013, Sugarberry Bakery was born and raised to love baking. Our mission is to change our little part of the world. Sugarberry Bakery is a true original. We believe in being traditional, yet innovative. We believe in the neighborhood. We believe a bakery should bake and decorate in-house AND with love. We believe if you follow your passion, it will show in your work. There is nothing manufactured, mediocre, or generic about the bakery or what it stands for.

Sugarberry Bakery believes in consistently top-notch quality cakes, cookies, and old fashioned treats such as brownies, cinnamon rolls, muffins, coffee cakes, cupcakes and an assortment of breads. We use the finest ingredients (Local Honey, Local Jam, rBGH-free Milk, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and Real Butter). We also have a selection of gluten-free treats.

As of right now we take special orders and setup at local farmer’s markets across Central Illinois.